There are cases where the patient can not attend the clinic for internal consulting and treatment as a result of the actual circumstances (stay in another country, patients severe condition, financial problems, etc.). In these cases, the patient can get an online consultation.


For an online consultation, it is necessary to fill in the form, attach photos of the problem area and pay for the service.


1. When completing the form, the time and mechanism of injury should be indicated in the field “brief description of the problem” (e.g: 5 years ago there was a burn injury, one week ago the skin was cut by broken glass; there was a dog bite in early childhood, six months ago there was a car accident, etc.).


It is advisable to describe briefly the used treatment methods (e.g. 5 years ago there was a skin transplantation performed, the wound edges were sutured after the injury, the wound has just been adhered after the injury, silicone sheeting was worn within 3 months and Contractubex was applied for 2 months, etc.)


2. The photos must be of good quality (optimal would be 250 pixel/cm).

There should be taken at least 2 photos: a microphoto (distant view) – Figure 1. This photo gives an idea of the localization area. The second photo – the macro photo (Figure 2) – helps to determine the structure of the skin and surrounding tissues.

Fig.1. Microphoto

Fig.2. Macro photo

3. The consulting are costs 70 Euro. You can pay for the consultation one of three ways:

– by PayPal

– by bank transfer (directly at the bank or online) with payment reference «Consultation»

– at the bank after receiving the invoice

What does the consultation involve?

After obtaining necessary information about the problem, there will be chosen an optimal treatment /correction strategy for your particular individual case. If there are several scars or scars of different types, there will be given recommendations for every single scar separately. The recommendations include the following: the choice of treatment and correction method / methods, the number and frequency of treatments, the healing period, the expected results and a list of recommended medicines.