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Treatment and removal of scars by Chemical Peel: AHA, ТСА, phenol

Treatment and removal of scars by Chemical Peel: AHA, ТСА, phenol

Sufficiently effective treatment and correction is the use of middle or deep peeling. But to hold them in the case of fresh scars necessary only after a complete re-epithelialization wounds (5-6 procedures at intervals of 1 month.) For old scars may simultaneous combination of microdermabrasion and median peelings. In a broad sense is any process associated with exfoliation of the epidermis and upper dermis is peeling. Depending on the depth of the impact of all the peels are divided into:
1. surface – several layers of dead skin cells;
2. middle – the entire thickness of the stratum corneum;
3. deep – the entire thickness of the epidermis, the basal layer of the border and papillary dermis, reticular dermis penetration.
Below is a table showing the dependence of the depth of the peeling on the methods of exposure and the methods used.






microdermabrasion, deep rotational dermabrasion

deep rotational dermabrasion


alpha hydroxy acid

trichloroacetic acid and
salicylic acid

phenolic acid


ultrasound, erbium laser
erbium laser

CO2 laser

But more often the term “peeling” entails treatment of the skin with various chemical compounds, which are used in the treatment and correction of atrophic scars and striae (stretch marks).
After the procedure as a result subsequent peeling skin inflammation has a powerful impetus to the regeneration and renewal. This is due to the inflow of stem cells needed to restore the skin in the area. However, there are opposing views on the benefits and safety of this procedure. The fact that a resource of stem cells is not infinite, and the more often do this kind of procedure, the more exhausted their resource.

Fig.1. Scratches and small scars before and after series of middle peeling

For the treatment and correction of hypertrophic and keloid scars peelings do not apply.

Fig.2. Normotrophic scar on the nose before and after combined removal by TCA peeling and microdermabrasion