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Microneedling – scars and stretch marks treatment with Dermaroller and Dermapen

Microneedling – scars and stretch marks treatment with Dermaroller and Dermapen

Microneedling or Collagen Induction Therapy. The application of Dermaroller (Fig.2) forms hundreds of microscopic channels in the skin. Following a number of complicated consecutive reactions (hemostasis – inflammation – proliferation – remodeling), fibroblasts, special skin cells, close off the loopholes (tiny channels) that were formed by the Dermaroller needles (Fig.2).

Fig.1. Atrophic scar and stretch mark

  1. Atrophic scar.                3. Collagen tissues.
  2. Stretch mark.                 4. Fibroblasts.                                                                                     

Fig.2. Microneedles in the skin

Fig.3. Collagen synthesis in tiny channels

Fig.4. Reduce of defects

Collagen islands are synthesized within the channels (Fig.3), which are attracted to one another, thus gradually aligning the edges of scars or striae. In this manner an elastic backing of fresh collagen tissue is created on the one hand, decreasing the width of atrophic scars or striae by retracting and elevating their bottom to the skin surface on the other hand (Fig.4).

Fig.5. Atrophic acne scars before and after microneedling procedure

Collagen fibers of keloids are located differently compared to regular scars. They are located relatively in parallel to the skin surface in regular scars, while chaotically and node-like, resembling a fingerprint in keloids (Fig.6).

Fig.6. Microneedling treatment of pathological scar. Scheme

Therefore, in order to improve the appearance of pathological scar and reduce its height to be broken randomly arranged collagen fibers, and create new ones, which will be more parallel to the surface of the skin. This task can also be performed through micro needle therapy (Fig.7). Fibroblasts have to “patch up” the defects remaining after the microneedles. At this point, the fibroblasts produce collagen islets: the more punctures there are in the skin, the more islands of young collagen are synthesized. Thus, the fibres of old collagen are destroyed, and in its place new fibres are formed, which are already parallel to the surface of the skin and similar in structure to normal.

Fig.7. Pathological scar before and after microneedling

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