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Scars correction with rotational Dermabrasion

Fig.1. Deep rotational dermabrasion with diamond cutter

First operational dermabrasion using a rotary disc was described in 1905 by Kromayer. In the 60 years of the lastcentury, the practice began to implement grinding mill with a speed of 20 000 – 60 000 rpm (Figure 1). This method is used to correct hypertrophic, atrophic (Fig. 2) and normotrofic scars, but not used for the correction of active keloids.

Fig.2. Old atrophic scars before and after deep rotational dermabrasion

The point of application is the papillary dermis. If applied to atrophic scars cutter removes not so much scar tissue as the surrounding normal skin scar (Fig. 3)

Fig.3. Deep rotational dermabrasion atrophic scars. Scheme