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Treatment and correction of scars with Dr. Igor Safonov

Cicatrices, often commonly referred to as scars, are an invariable companion to the humans. A person with no scars can hardly be found in this imperfect world. Our skin is subject to endurance test on a day-to-day basis throughout our life. Common injuries, cuts, burns, accidents, surgeries and mere inflammatory skin diseases constitute an incomplete list of reasons for scarring.

Scar appearance varies depending on multiple factors: depth and mechanism of wound or inflammation, adequacy of treatment, localization, to mention a few. Yet, they possess a common feature – scars remain imprinted on the soul. Each and every patient is unsatisfied with the scar appearance, willing either to get rid of the scar or improve scar appearance at the very least.

Scar treatment and correction is a lasting and assiduous process which does not always yield the desired results. This is why many experts are reluctant to deal with the issue. Hence there is a common fallible belief even among highly professional surgeons: “Let`s just wait a year or so and then we`ll see what we can do about it!”, which, in fact, can well be interpreted as “Leave me alone with your scar issue!”. The reality is that one year is already too late – within a 4-6 month period the scar is ingrown with vessels, 9-12 months – with nerve endings, becoming a part of the bearer`s organism. Scars must be treated within the first hours after injury. In one year they are subject to correction only, which is a more lasting and costly process.

Scars can cause inferiority complex and undermine self-confidence to the extent that psychological aid might be required. Our goal is to make the scar unseeable or less conspicuous and erase the scar-related unpleasant memories. We possess knowledge, experience, and modern equipment to accomplish this! It is for you to decide!
Dr. Igor Safonov

Results of scars revision /removal / reduction Before and After

Removal of keloid after c-section

Removal of earlobe keloid

Removal of fresh stretch marks on the thigh

Removal of old post-burn hyperpigmented scar on the calf

Pathological scar before and after treatment

Removal of atrophic acne scars on the face

Correction of old atropic acne scars on the face

Removal of fresh atrophic scar on the nose bridge

Treatment of fresh post-burn keloids on the shoulder

Treatment of keloid in the décolleté area

Treatment of hypertrophic scar after c-section

Treatment of earlobe keloid

Reduction of old stretch marks on the tummy

Treatment of postburn keloid scar on a thigh

Atrophic scar treatment with pulsed dye laser (PDL)

Removal of a fresh postoperative scar on the forehead

Treatment of fresh posttraumatic scars on the face

Treatment of a fresh hypertrophic scar on the nose bridge

Correction of an old posttraumatic scar on the upper lip

Removal of keloids at the cleavage area